My Personal Morning Routine For A High Performance Day

Take the things that relates to you, test and build on your own morning ritual


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My Personal Morning Routine For A High Performance Day

Starting into the day is the most critical thing when it comes to

  • high energy levels
  • increased productivity
  • good mood
  • trusting relationships
  • and SLEEP

Yes, getting started into the day is important for our sleep too. I have spent countless hours learning more about and optimizing my morning ritual.

Today I will walk you through my full-blown morning ritual.

What a morning ritual should do?

Before I walk you through my morning ritual – let’s have a look at what a morning ritual should do for you.

First off, it should be enjoyable to you. This is the start into a (your) fresh day and you should enjoy entering it. Actually you deserve to!

You should do things that fall into the three main categories to maintain high energy and superb sleep. These are your

  • body
  • nutrition
  • mind

These are also the aspects (surprise) that we work through when it comes to your sleep (download your free Sleeptrust Sleepmap).

And you want to address all three categories in your morning routine. If any of the above is missing your morning ritual is incomplete!

But now let’s have a look at what I personally do…

My morning ritual

Please keep in mind that this is my morning ritual and you should only take it as an inspiration. Solely copying things that do not relate with your interests or your personality will simply not work for you. I have copied nearly all bits and pieces of my morning ritual from other people that I find to be successful in their overall life.

So, let’s get started – here is the complete list of thing that I do to make my mornings, days and nights awesome:

    1. get up at 5 am (sleep stage synched alarm clock)
    2. avoid snooze button
    3. drink a glass of water (with a pinch of Himalayan salt)
    4. have a 30-minute walk (do stretching when I’m 50% through)
    5. (meditate – sometimes)
    6. write a journal
    7. read my personal goals & purpose
    8. gratitude exercise
    9. plan day (well being, fun, relationships, most important and other tasks)
    10. have breakfast (no coffee)
    11. brush teeth and have a shower (cold at the moment)
    12. get started with work

The entire routine takes about 2 hours. That said the breakfast and bathroom time takes up about 1 hour of that time.

This is crazy!

You might think that it is crazy to invest the first two hours of the day into manly unproductive morning rituals. But it turns out that I at least double my productivity over the course of the day and that it is therefore well worth the ‘investment’.

Besides that, never forget that YOU are not your productivity. You deserve to feel great. And if you don’t even give yourself the chance to start your morning in a way that serves you…

Interesting side note. Turns out that getting into the day the right way will actually help you to sleep better too!!

In this week’s episode of the sleeptrust podcast, I walk you through my personal morning routine with a little more depth.

Now, go for it.

Have an energized day – and a superb sleep of course 🙂

Michael Hildebrandt


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