The #3 Power Steps For Lasting Sleep Motivation

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The #3 Power Steps For Lasting Sleep Motivation

If feeling fatigued and exhausted at daytime has established itself as a common experience we know that we have to change things. Usually, energy levels are low at this point and so is the motivation for change.

And yet, we know we have to change things!

In this article I lay out the exact three steps that will ensure that you can implement the necessary changes that will give you back your energy and well being.

Rational vs. Emotional

The first thing that we need to understand is that it is important to get away from trying to reach goals that are rational. Rational goals make sense, are important and let us FAIL. They frequently rob more of our precious ENERGY.

We are all driven by emotions!

So what we are looking for are emotionalized goals. The more emotions get involved – the easier it is for us to follow through.

Finding our emotional driver

Here is a simple exercise that will let you find out the core emotion behind a specific sleep motivation goal. All you need to do is to ask the BIG WHY question. So “Why do you want to sleep better?” could be a good starting point. Typically the first answer that we give ourselves is a rational one. But if we continue to question ourselves 5-6-7 times we end up getting an emotional response.

Questioning ourselves on a deeper and deeper level makes the goal of “finding back to good sleep” not only important to feel better at daytime (the obvious answer) but to

  • be the best parent that we can
  • make us live healthy so that we will be a great grandparent at some point in future
  • give us recognition at work for our creativity
  • let us be a patient, supporting a friend

Following a series of why questions can light up a burning desire in yourself that will let you make all the necessary changes to return back to superb sleep (or any other goal you wish to achieve).

The #3 steps to lasting motivation

So, let me walk you through all three steps that you want to complete to be set up for deeply motivated change.

#1 The BIG WHY

Answer the big why question in the way I walked you through above. Even though you can do this exercise alone, I would recommend that you do it with somebody that you trust and like. This is not only much more fun, but will also prevent you from trying to cheat yourself through stopping the process too early.

#2 Write a goal card

By writing down your goal on a goal card you take care that you will use your motivation to follow a specific goal. There are four things that you want to cover in your goal card:

  • description of your goal
  • date when you will reach it
  • the price that you will pay
  • a brief plan to reach it

And that’s it. If your not sure how to get started you can download your free template here…

#3 Read your goal card daily

Reading your goal card daily and tapping into the emotions you experienced doing the BIG WHY exercise will align your motivation with your goal daily. The best times to do so are

  • first thing in the morning
  • last thing at night

That way you will command your mind to follow your intention.


Often we try to reach things in life by approaching a rational goal. Doing so gives us the feeling to do the right thing but leaves us with a lack of motivation to follow through. As a consequence we are firstly left not reaching our goal and secondly experience a lack of energy going through the process of achievement.

Improving your sleep motivation can be easy and energizing when you follow the above three steps.

Fueling up your motivation by finding out the true purpose of our sleep goal will help you to keep energized and motivated through the entire process. Furthermore writing a goal card and reading it twice a day will keep your actions aligned with your goal and motivation.

Use these powerful steps to boost your energy levels by sleeping the way you deserve to.
Have a superb sleep and

take care,
Michael Hildebrandt


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