Hidden Psychology Traps Of Insomnia

There are secondary wins that can be tied with negative things like insomnia


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Hidden Psychology Traps Of Insomnia

You have tried so much to sleep better over the last weeks, months or maybe even years. And every time you found something that seemed to help a little, something pulled you back to bad sleep? If this sounds familiar you might be caught in the insomnia trap.

The Insomnia Trap

is a phenomenon that our psyche can build for us. These phenomena can generally occur when you are in an uncomfortable situation BUT over time all kinds of positive aspects have started to build all around our insomnia.

As a simple example, the lack of sleep can bring us benefits in regards to

  • getting caring attention that we didn’t have before
  • getting special treatment in our job
  • any other benefit that we wouldn’t have without our insomnia

The tricky part is that our unconscious seems to know these things exactly but we consciously are very seldom aware of what is truly holding us back.

Why would our minds do this to us?

There are two major motivators for our psyche to perform actions:

  • take care that we survive
  • save energy

As long as we are convinced that we will survive our current situation our unconscious mind is simply not the best helper to get us to perform the change. By default, it tries to save our energy. As performing consciously necessary changes will consume more energy in our brains it unconsciously checks all kinds of parts in our minds to see if they all agree to the change.

And if it finds areas that benefit from the current situation it will try to prevent change. The insomnia trap just snapped!

But there is a way out of this trap…

By simply being aware that there are also (hidden) positive things that are tied to our insomnia we can become consciously aware of these parts. And as soon as we are consciously aware of these things we can find solutions that address them.

Let’s say we get lots of caring attention from family members or colleagues that we didn’t have before or that we need for any other reason (we all need caring attention). As soon as we are aware that we are indirectly becoming this attention through our insomnia we can plan things that will give us the same or more likely – even better – the quality of care through a new behavior.

A good way to fulfill the need for positive caring attention could be to use our new (then sleep-filled) energy reservoirs to join a like-minded group, support family and friends actively or do anything else that is enjoyable for us and valuable for others.

As soon as you start to let your energy flow in the positive cycle things will become better and better and our mind will not unconsciously block us from changing.

Now we are in pole position for lasting positive change

You will also need a plan, some willpower and a bit of persistence. But at least we know that our psyche is not standing on the brake anymore!
Any start is hard, but you will find loads of information and support at sleeptrust.

Therefore start your sleep journey today and get free support sharing your experience or questions with me and the community on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a superb sleep!


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