Sleep Triathlon Discipline III – The Miracle Of The Right Mindset

Learn to use your conscious mind to make a decision and command your body.


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  • Our tribe mindset  
  • The historical burden  
  • Commander mindset 
  • The mindset of sleep 
  • Mindset – the triathlon coach  

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Sleep Triathlon Discipline III – The Miracle Of The Right Mindset

Our Mindset

is not only #3 of the SLEEP-TRIATHLON, but it is also the boss of the ring. Using our mind in the right way can not only command our unconscious to let us sleep better but also positively impact the other two players in the sleep triathlon:

    #1 Movement

    #2 Nutrition

The mindset is the thing that differentiates us humans from animals or even machines. The possibility to take a conscious decision to influence our lives for the better is unique and a thing that many humans simply do not take advantage of…

Tell your body to move. Pick something smart that will be easy for you to follow through on and then execute on that idea. That way your body will support all those good things that will help you to not only sleep much better – but also feel great!

Change your nutrition. Our bodies can only function in the way we want them to do if we nurture them right. Use your mindset to command your body to eat what is good for you. Stop letting your body control your food and your mindset. You know who’s the boss!

Give your mindset back the control and take advantage of setting up your sleep triathlon in a way that will boost you’re well being and layout the foundation for a QUALITY SLEEP that you deserve!

Check out this week’s episode to get an overview of the categories and expand your understanding of where to look when it comes to improving your sleeptrust! So tune in right away – here on youtube or on iTunes, soundcloud or simply at


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